Privacy Policy

Welcome to FromTo Platform

FromTo is an application to provide a means to deliver all your items within Kuwait safely and quickly. All you have to do is request through this application, but before that you must agree and be fully aware of all the following information and conditions:

  • As a driver,You must be fully aware that the system collects your dynamic location.All trips assigned to a driver are based on their location.On a trip allocation, the same location will be shared with the customers so that they can get realtime information on each trip.
  • As a driver,you must be aware that the system requests you for camera permission.This is purely for uploading information to the system.You are allowed to upload images which in no means will be shared with any third party or customer.This is purely for verification purpose.
  • As a customer ,you must be aware that the FromTo Zyda Chrome extension requires Permission such as “activeTab”,”tabs” and ”storage“.We use these permissions to detect Zyda URL and also to save your credentials so that the extension can directly connect to FromTo platform system.
  • As a customer you should be aware that we transfer the information like name,phone number, address and geopoints associated with an order to FromTo platform as you click on the “Send to FromTo” button.We also save the order reference id in your local storage,to prevent duplication.The information collected are share only with the driver to whom these orders are shared..