Terms of Use

Welcome to FromTo Platform

FromTo is an application to provide a means to deliver all your items within Kuwait and quickly. All you have to do is request through this application, but before that you must agree and be fully aware of all the following information and conditions:

  • As a customer. You must agree and be fully aware of the nature of the application and it is just a means to deliver your own items from one place to another using one of the vehicles that cooperate with the application and they are not owned by FromTo.
  • As a FromTo customer you must register your correct information, including the phone number precisely, so that the application can communicate with you when necessary or to communicate with you and the driver.
  • Verify the application uses your current location to enable the driver to know the lace specified for delivering your items if you want that or if you want to move them to other place than where you are, you have to identify this accurately and be a cooperate with the driver to delivery you items as easily and quickly as possible.
  • As a customer, you should acknowledge and be fully aware that you are prohibited from transferring illegal items or it is prohibited to transfer or carry them legally and these items shall not cause any harm to the driver or application, and as a customer you bear fill legal liability if otherwise proven.
  • You acknowledge that the amounts due from you as a delivery value are non-refundable unless the application rejects your application or is unable to deliver your items for a reason related to the application.
  • I am also aware that if the driver cancels the trip for any reason, the application will provide another driver as soon as possible and I am not entitled to ask the application to refund the amount or pay any compensation for this.
  • You also acknowledge as a customer that you are fully aware that if you cancel your trip after the payment of its value, you are not entitled to refund the amount paid but may be deducted from the value of another trip according to the application policy.
  • The customer agrees to maintain the confidentiality of the data and information obtained through the application, which may be related to the application or its owners or its customer. The customer shall bear full legal liability if such data and information are used in other than the purpose assigned to it.
  • The customer acknowledges his full liability in tracing the trip taken by the driver in the transport of the items to be transported from the place of their presence to the place where the transfer of the items is requested. The customer fully acknowledges the driver’s liability for these items from the time of their receipt upon his request and the application is not liable in any form for these items or any damage inflicted on them in the case of their damage or loss-god forbid- and that the full liability rests on the shoulder of the driver. In the event of any damage the customer must take all legal actions towards the driver and not the application or its owner and that the application is just a communication mean between the two parties.